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Mission and values

Welcome to a dynamic and happening school. This is a school that prides itself on developing unique and innovative programs to meet the needs of the range of students that we cater for.

Vision and purpose

In this vision we are acknowledging that:

  • Learning is an ongoing process over an entire lifetime for us all
  • Learning to get along with others is an important as academic learning
  • Good relationships must exist between teachers, students, school and community for the growth to occur.

‘Growing Together – Learning Forever’

At Fairview Heights our vision is for the present and the future while being linked to our past through the symbol of the Jacaranda tree. This symbol represents growth as individuals, as a school community and as an integral part of the wider community.

 Our vision ‘Growing Together – Learning Forever’ is the umbrella under which we work; as all new endeavours within our school must enhance either one component or the other of our vision.

Statement of purpose

Our School Wide Pedagogy 'Growing Together - Learning Forever - Supporting Each Other’ reflects the purpose of our school. Our aim at Fairview Heights is that each person within our school, whether adult or child, should feel valued, as an individual, and for the role they can play in our school community and beyond. Each student will be given the opportunity to learn how to learn for now and for the future through differentiated instruction and individual goals setting.

Through our ‘Vision’ Program we encourage our students to learn the social skills needed to function in and benefit society as a whole. The contributions made by our parents and staff are an integral part of the school and are encouraged through open collaboration and inclusive decision making which creates ownership and a shared understanding of the school’s direction.

Our Jacaranda tree is the metaphor for the sense of purpose we feel at Fairview as we develop a root system embedded strongly in values education, a solid trunk built on celebrating difference in learning styles, cultures and backgrounds and producing flowers, seeds and leaves representing achievements for all to see in social skills displayed and through academic and cultural achievements.​