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​Fairview Heights State School provides a chaplaincy service for the support of the entire school community. Alan Conroy is our Chaplain, whose role is to support the educational, social, emotional development of students. He works in our school on Monday and Wednesday. ‘Chappy' is available between the hours of 8.00am and 3.30pm and may be contacted through the school office or alternately by email at

While chaplains own their own personal faith within the position, chaplains are inclusive of and show respect for all religious and non-religious beliefs and other world views represented in the school community. All activities and events provided are non-discriminatory and equally available to students of all beliefs. Religious Instruction is not part of the school chaplaincy program.

Our chaplain operates under a pastoral care model and focuses on:

  • Social, emotional and spiritual support: Assisting students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills that support learning, positive behaviour and constructive social relationships through social skills programs.
  • Support: Providing an additional dimension to the school's care, guidance and support of students.
  • Mentoring: Acting as a role model for students and assisting in the development of supportive relationships for, with, and among students.
  • Educational support: Assisting with classroom activities (under the direction of a teacher) where involvement by the chaplain provides further social, emotional or spiritual support for those students who may be at risk of disengagement.
  • Extra-curricular activities: Participating in general school activities, for example, camps, excursions, sports days or coaching team sports.
  • Community development: Enhancing the links between the school and its community, working with school-based support staff and community-based youth organisations and networks to support students.
  • Team contribution: Promote the activities of the chaplaincy service with the support of their local chaplaincy committee.

The chaplain is responsible to:

  • The School Principal in matters related to the management within the school.
  • The local chaplaincy committee in matters relating to policy decisions and local operations. This body, in conjunction with the school management team, are responsible for the funding of this service through the provision of a specific Government grant and donation from individuals, local churches, community organisations and other fundraising events/activities.
  • SU Qld, the authorised employing authority, through the local Field Development Manager in matters related to agreed principles, employment issues and overall policy direction.